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Write an abstract for this article


1. Write an abstract for the article in exactly 250 words, provide a concise,

clear, specific, and accurate summary of the purpose of the research/hypothesis (1-2 sentences),

methods, main results (methods and results are the bulk of the abstract), and the conclusions (1-2

sentences) that can be drawn from those results. You don’t need to label these items in your abstract.

Make sure to be thorough and clear in your summary of the methods and results. Attach the grading

rubric when you turn in the abstract.

2.Audience: Write the abstract from the perspective of one of the authors of the paper, as if the abstract will be

included as part of the published primary research article. Do not write as if you are summarizing

someone else’s research. The abstract is directed at a professional, scientific audience. Choose your

wording accordingly.

3.Wording: Write the abstract by paraphrasing in your own words. This means that you must come up with

original sentences and parts of sentences, instead of using the authors’ original sentence structure and

just replacing words with synonyms, or slightly altering sentence structure. Taking notes in your own

words can help you avoid plagiarism. Also make sure that you process and understand what you read.

4.No quoting. Exactly 250 words; A single paragraph; Double spaced; 12 pnt font

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