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I have an essay due tomorrow for my Urban Studies course on developing world cities. You just have to choose one city to write a research paper about. It has to be 5 pages (double spaced, size 12 font, times new roman, 1 inch margins, MLA Format). There also needs to be one works cited page at the end as well and a minimum of 5 sources/citations used. I am looking for someone who can get me an A and also please no plagiarism, it must be original work. There can also be few pictures, maps, or graphs added. The prompt is not difficult.


Choose one city in the Developing World and research on

  • Historical evolution of the city
    • How did the city come into being?
    • What are the factors responsible for the origin and development of cities?
      • Social factors
      • Economic factors
      • Cultural factors etc.
    • Special features of the city
    • Urban challenges and problems
    • Recommendations and suggestions to solve the problems
    • Also choose an issue (an urban problem) in the Developing World countries and make a literature review on the topic. The topic may include (but not limited to), overpopulation, pollution, urban poverty, slum and squatter developments, infrastructure, urban form, culture etc.

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