Write two short exercises.


Critical Thinking Exercise


1. Watch:

2. Pick one leader either real or fictional and analyze what the leader does to make you feel safe and identify whether their leadership style is effective in a lab setting like Frankenstein’s Cat (this is a book written by Emily Anthes, please tell me you have one)

  • Please use one quote from the TED talk
  • Please use one quote from Frankenstein’s Cat
  • You analysis should be 300+ words

3. Replies should be 50 -100 words and reference our texts.

Write a short exercise


1. Find one example of a fallacy from The Critical Thinking Toolkit Chap. 5 in the recent media or news. (Please google the book)

2. Copy the example either by embedding the link or linking to it

3. Explain what the fallacy is and why you think the speaker used it

4. 50 – 100 words

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