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Writing an argument about Cyberschools and give an thesis statement


To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the following in The Longman Writer: Rhetoric, Reader, Research Guide, and Handbook:

  • Chapter 3, “Identifying a Thesis” (pp. 34–39): What are the characteristics of a weak thesis statement? How can these issues be corrected?
  • Chapter 14 selection, “Cyberschool” by Clifford Stoll (pp. 282–284)
  • Chapter 18, “Argumentation-Persuasion” (pp. 398–420 only): How can a strong thesis contribute to the overall effectiveness of an argumentation-persuasion essay?
  • Chapter 19, “Locating, Evaluating, and Integrating Research Sources” (pp. 465–470, 478–492 only)

Then, read the following statement:

  • Cyberschools will create a better learning environment and provide a better education to prepare students to be successful later in life.
  • Select a position to argue. Either agree or disagree with the above statement.

Next, consider the following:

  • How will you find supportive evidence for your position? What persuasive strategies might you use to research outside resources?
  • How you will ensure your thesis statement is strong?

The Assignment:

Write a 1-page essay in response to the statement about cyberschools. Be sure to include the following:

  • An introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement regarding your position in favor of or against the statement. Underline the thesis statement in your response.
  • 1–2 paragraphs of  supportive evidence for your position
    • Cite at least two examples from the reading or outside sources (e.g., books, journal articles, web articles) in support of your position. Note: Wikipedia will not be accepted as an outside resource.

Formatting Expectations:

  • Indent the first sentence of each paragraph. Block paragraphs are not acceptable for this Assignment.

Your final document should:

  • Be in a 10- or 12-point font, such as Arial or Verdana
  • Be double-spaced throughout
  • Have 1-inch margins for top, bottom, left, and right

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