writing assingments


  • 1- Professionalism in the Workplace. Find and read two articles( websites not pdf ) on professionalism and write a one page or longer journal entry to discuss your results. Be sure to tell what professionalism is, cite examples of professional and unprofessional behaviors, and tell its role in the workplace. Be sure to cite the articles. Read the Journal handout before doing. Be sure to set up each entry correctly.
  • 2- Purpose and Benefits of an Elevator Pitch. Find and watch two YouTube videos on “Elevator Pitch or Elevator Speech” (they are the same). Then, go on the Career Center Website and read about the “30 Second Commercial.”( I have attached it) Then, write one full page or longer to tell us to tell what an elevator speech, pitch is and its benefits. Be sure to cite the videos watched. Be sure to set up each journal entry correctly.
  • 3- Qualities that Today’s Employers Look for in Employees. Find and read two articles ( websites not pdf ) on the qualities today’s employers look for in employees and then, write one full page or longer to share your results. Make sure to cite properly.

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