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Yo19_excel_capstone_intro_smart_rental | Computer Science homework help



  #YO19_Excel_Capstone_Intro_Smart_Rental  #YO19 Excel Capstone Intro Smart Rental  Project Description:Virginia Garrero owns a small business in which she rents high end handbags, accessories, dresses and evening gowns. Virginia has created a workbook to keep track of weekly rentals. She uses this workbook to keep track of rentals and also to identify trends in length of rental, and payment method. Virginia wants to use this information when forecasting which new products to purchase for her rental business. To purchase new products, she will need to take out a loan. Therefore, she also wants to know what her monthly payment would be if new products were purchased. You have been asked to help finish the workbook so that Virginia can use it on a weekly basis.     Start Excel. Download and open the file named   Excel_Capstone_Intro_SmartRental.xlsx. Grader has automatically added your last name to   the beginning of the file name. Save the file to a location where you are   storing your files. To improve the   appearance of the RentalData worksheet, wrap the text of cell range A5:I5. Merge and Center cell   range K1:P1.  Copy the format of cell K5 and paste the format to cell range N5:P5. Delete Sheet4 and   Sheet5 from the workbook. On the RentalData   worksheet, in cell E6, enter a DATEDIF (or DAYS) formula to determine the   length of rental in days based on the date rented and the date returned. Copy   this formula through cell range E7:E31. On the RentalData   worksheet, assign a named rangeRatesto cell range A34:B37. In cell G6, use an   appropriate VLOOKUP function to retrieve the daily rate from the named range   Rates for the product in column A. The function should look for an exact   match.  Copy the formula through cell G31.  Format cell range G6:G31 with the Accounting Number Format. Rewards customers are   allowed a discount on their rentals. In cell H6, enter a formula to determine   if a discount should be applied. If the payment method in column F wasRewards, the customer should   receive the discount shown in cell B39. Otherwise the formula should return a   zero. Use absolute referencing where appropriate and then copy the formula   through cell range H7:H31.  Apply the Percent style with zero decimal places to cell range H6:H31. Virginia considers   customers who spend over $200 a week to be valued customers and wants to draw   attention to their sales totals.  Apply a Conditional Format to cell range I6:I31 that will highlight the   values greater than200with Green Fill and Dark Green   Text.  In cell I32, use a   function to add the Total Sales column.  If necessary, in cell I32, remove the Conditional formatting.  In cell I32, apply the Total cell style, bold formatting and change the font   to size 16. Adjust the width of   columns O and P to13  Hide rows 33:39. Virginia is   considering offering specials to clients based on their payment method.   Therefore, she wants you to help her analyze the week’s payment information   so she can determine her clients’ preferred method of payment.   In cell L6, using a Statistical function, count the number of times the   criteria in cell K6 is used. Use absolute referencing where necessary and   then copy the formula through cell L9. In cell O6, using a   Statistical function, determine the average total sales based on the payment   method type in cell N6. Use absolute referencing where necessary and then   copy the formula through cells O9. In cell P6, using a   Math & Trig function, determine the total sale per payment method based   on the payment method in cell N6. Use absolute referencing and then copy the   formula through cell P9.  Apply a Gradient Fill Orange Data Bar to P6:P9.  Virginia wants to   determine if the sales goal for the week was met. The sales goal for the week   is met if the total sales is greater than or equal to $3,000.  In cell L13, enter a logical function to determine if the sales goal for the   week was met. Return a value ofYesif the sales goal was met, orNoif the sales goal   was not met.  When Virginia started   gathering client data, she entered her clients’ names in all capital letters   and in column A. She has asked you to change the names of each client to   proper case.   On the Clients worksheet, in cell B2, use a text function to change the text   in cell A2 to proper case. Copy the formula through cell B26.  Virginia is   considering taking out a loan to purchase more products to rent to customers.   In order to purchase the products she needs, she has determined that she   needs to borrow $10,000. She would like you to help her determine her monthly   payment based on the loan amount, an interest rate of 5.5% with a repayment   of the loan after 5 years.   On the LoanData worksheet, in cell B6, determine the monthly payment. In cell B6, edit the formula to return   an absolute value. Virginia is curious   about her handbag line of rentals. She has asked you to create a combination   chart that shows the days rented and the total sales.   Using cell ranges A5:A10, E5:E10, and I5:I10 on the RentalData worksheet,   create a combination chart with the Total Sales as the secondary axis. The   secondary axis should be a line chart.  Move the chart to a new chart sheet namedHandbagsChart  Move the Chart Sheet to the last position (far right).  Enter the chart titleHandbag Rental  Apply Chart Style 5.  Add a primary vertical axis labelDays Rented  Add a secondary vertical axis labelTotal Sales  Save and close Excel_Capstone_Intro_SmartRental.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.

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