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You are to write a reflection that addresses your work, and how collaborating wi



You are to write a reflection that addresses your work, and how collaborating with other students in groups helpedyou gain an understanding of the term project work. You should discuss how you connected accounting theorylearned in the textbook to how it is put into practice. This is an important aspect of the project. You also need todiscuss how you can use your newly discovered skills to help make better accounting business decisions.In considering your write-up, the following are some questions you may integrate into your discussion. You don’t have to answer these questions, as they are just for your consideration in case you are lacking ideas. Your discussionshould be heart felt. Do not simply just answer these questions and insert them into your reflection. You are to write up a reflection that is in an essay format and in your own words.· Compared to other term projects you have worked on to date (if it applies), how would you compare this oneagainst all others?· Were your expectations met as far as learning outcomes for the project?· What surprised you the most about term project at the end compared to the beginning?· How did the spreadsheets help you understand accounting?· How did the risk assessments enhance your understanding of accounting?· What did you like about how this project was delivered?· What was your most favorite and least favorite part of the project? How did they affect your learning experience about accounting?· What experiences working with your group enhance your ability to work with groups in general?· How did this term project enhance your ability to connect accounting theory to practical applications?· Would you recommend other potential students to experience a term project like this? Why?· What was the most surprising thing that you learned about how management asserts information in its 10-Ks?· What new things did you learn how management can manipulate accounting information and disclosures to make themselves appear stronger or better?· Explain how you would feel more confident in an employment interview discussing your ability to analyze financial statements. Did this project change your confidence level?· How did this project enhance your ability to see business in a new light when you walk into a store?· As a result of this project, discuss how you believe you could bring more value to your current or future employer.· From an academic viewpoint, given you experience with this class, what accounting knowledge do you think would have been valuable to know and understand before you registered for this course?· How important is it to know your basic accounting knowledge to analyze financial statements?· How much about accounting and business do you now realize that you did not know when you registered for the course?· How important is it to have the right teachers instructing this project? Did you have the right teacher? Why?· If you could explain to other students why they should engage in a project like the hospital project to learn how indispensable accounting is to understanding business, what would you say?· From an analyst perspective, what would you tell the CEO of your target corporation the most surprising thing you learned about his company?· There is always something that could make this project better. What would it be?· What are your feelings to make a project like this mandatory in all your courses? Why?CORPORATION: HCA HEALTHCARE

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