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Your last major project for English 1 requires that you write a thesis-driven, M



Your last major project for English 1 requires that you write a thesis-driven, MLA-formatted essay supported and developed by researching reliable sources. It is an opportunity to express yourself, to practice and improve your writing process, to learn more about a subject that is important to you, and to contribute to a conversation about an important topic. Your thesis needs to target a pre-approved (by me) current, controversial issue. This researched paper will be at least 6 pages in length, including the works cited page, and will use at least five sources from our college library.Writing Process Directions and StrategiesResearch your current controversial issue for several days or weeks. Free write for several pages until it feels like you have nothing left to say.Find your main claim. Structure it as a working thesis. Carefully choose your key terms.Plan some body paragraphs by matching some claims with pieces of evidence in order to start creating an outline. Leave wide spaces that you can fill in with more content.Check your research notes for further possible support and illustration. Make notes on your outline concerning where you need further research. As you organize your research, be sure to always put other authors’ wordings in quotation marks. In addition, add each source that you consider using to a draft of your MLA works cited page. You can always later delete the citations that you don’t end up using.When you are satisfied that your outline is well revised and contains enough connected information, start to draft. If you start with the introduction, begin by explaining why your issue matters, why it is important to you. Present some different positions on your issue. Then state your position—your thesis, your governing claim.In your next paragraph argue and defend your thesis by using well organized claims and evidence.In the next paragraph complicate your thesis by providing a counterargument, possibly the first of many. In other words, state the major objections that other reasonable people might have to your claims (avoid the straw man fallacy). You can counter these with further claims and evidence. Reply to any other criticisms that you can think of. Don’t be afraid to modify your thesis as you go.Continue the above steps until you have a well unified essay that achieves at least the minimum required length of 6 pages. Revise aggressively.Rewrite and edit as necessary in order to correct errors and improve clarity. Use reliable MLA information to make sure you have satisfied all the requirements. Triple check everything.English 1 Revision WorkshopDirections: Address all of the following points on the papers you review.Does the first paragraph clearly target at least two viewpoints on a current, controversial issue? Explain your answer. Explain whether or not the thesis is effective (meaning it is clear, specific and targets the goals of the assignment).Identify aspects of the paper that you think are particularly well done. Explain why they work well.Identify parts in the paper that seem confusing. Explain why these parts are confusing to you. (Hint: Does he or she seem to wander from a main point, wander into vague repetition, list facts? If so, explain and indicate where this occurs in the paper.)Take another look at the body paragraphs: Does the author connect evidence to topic sentences? If so, identify two details that he or she uses and identify the ideas/topic sentences that these details support. Identify any unsupported claims.Identify two possible areas for revision. Explain how this revision might help the paper. Explain how this revision might be accomplished. Does the paper have a clear naysayer source?PreviousNext

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