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Your review essay will begin with an introduction that introduces the topic and



Your review essay will begin with an introduction that introduces the topic and poses your research question. I will include some material on coming up with a research question on Blackboard. Briefly, good research questions are “why” questions, whose answers explain something (a phenomenon, an event, a relationship between things, etc.)The bulk of your essay will be a literature review, a focused discussion of the academic work relevant to your research question. Your literature review will be organized thematically, with each theme a potential answer to the research question. Your literature review must include at least three themes (at least three possible answers) and, in total, discuss at least ten sources.As an example of what you should do, consider this question: “What explains the overwhelming support of Blacks for the Democratic Party?” Your literature review could include the following themes:Policy: Blacks, in general, tend to share the same policy preferences as the Democratic Party.Racial Resentment: White Republicans are more likely to feel and express racial resentment, turning off Blacks.Socialization: Blacks, like people generally, are likely to adopt the partisan leanings of their primary caregivers. Since Blacks in older generations identify as Democrats in very large proportions, it is likely that this tendency exists in younger generations.For the first theme, policy, I might have found four articles that talk about how the Democratic Party is more likely to support policies that benefit Blacks than the Republican Party. I would discuss those articles, showing how shared policy preferences are a possible answer to why Blacks overwhelming support the Democratic Party. Also note that these are not the only three themes I could have selected.4Your essay will conclude with a conclusion that discusses which answer (theme) you find most persuasive. Often, you’ll find that all of your themes work as potential answers. Which answer do you find most convincing, or do you think is the most important answer? Discuss why you chose that answer.Your essay should be about ten pages long and follow APA style for citations and references. Your essay must have a title page, page numbers, and proper section headings.The body of your essay will be given a letter grade, which will then be translated into a score out of 25. This letter grade will be determined by the overall quality of your discussions, your use of the sources, and the quality of your writing. I will lower your grade for writing that is not clear, concise, and well-structured. After grading the body of the essay, deductions will be made for style related problems (e.g., a missing title page).Again, your essay is due on Tuesday, May 17, by 11:59 PM. If you foresee a problem with submitting your essay on time, please let me know as soon as you can. Your essay must be submitted to the Turnitin module in Blackboard. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Turnitin, it a resource used to detect plagiarism. The assignment is set up so that you can submit your essay as many times as you wish before the due date. I encourage you to look at both the similarity index, which indicates whether plagiarism has been detected, and the analysis of your writing, which can help with proofreading. Most of the instances of plagiarism I have seen have occurred when students failed to properly cite material they take from somewhere else. Submit your essay early and look at the similarity report. It will identify if you missed citations.

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