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You’ve now successfully launched a new company website to share with the world o



You’ve now successfully launched a new company website to share with the world of your new consulting business venture. During the first few months, your firm was able to generate a few leads from the website and was able to successfully convert them to clients. However, the volume of leads coming in from the website is low, and you believe if the volume can increase, the firm will be able to leverage its strength in converting more of them into clients. As you analyze the website’s performance metrics, you realize the lack of leads or inquiries generated from the website is the direct result of low traffic to the site. Simply put, potential clients that may be researching consulting services your firm is providing are not finding your firm’s website.Based on that conclusion, you decided to launch a Search Engine Optimization project to boost your firm’s website performance. To do so, you will need the support of your firm’s partners, and you will obtain them by providing them a proposal for the project.For this assignment, you are to develop a business proposal based on the scenario presented and submit the finished document to Canvas. You will conduct research on the topic of Search Engine Optimization, learn the concepts and principles of various techniques, select a few specific methods that the firm should employ on its website, and describe the benefits of selected methods will potentially yield for the firm.Your proposal should include the following.Business context of the proposal (problem or opportunity)Goals and objectives of the proposalHigh-level description of proposed direction/solution (Search Engine Optimization)Educate the audience (other executives of the firm)what is Search Engine Optimization?what concepts/techniques/principles are there to apply Search Engine Optimization?what are the benefits of leveraging Search Engine Optimization strategy for the firm?Recommendation of what the firm should adoptFrom various concepts/techniques/principles described, what are the top two you are recommending for this project.Why these two techniques? What will be the benefits over other techniques?How much effort do you think it will take to apply the technique for the firm’s website?Conclusion – why the firm should make Search Engine Optimization as a long-term marketing strategy.Submission Guideline:Your proposal should be no more than 4 pages long.Your proposal should be professionally written and formatted.This is a proposal to executive management, so your writing style should reflect that.You may use tables, graphs, charts, etc. if it is a more efficient way to articulate your points and/or make readers comprehend the concepts efficiently.You should do research on the topic and comprehend the concepts behind it. However, this is not a formal research paper assignment.You do need to cite the sources when applicable in your proposal. However, you can decide on the citation format based on your preference.Originality needed!!!

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