Adult Community Education Center Microsoft Edge Analysis Paper

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1. Identify a technology that you think has usability problems. This could be virtually anything that people use. Examples: software (word processing software, web browsers, online banking software, user interfaces, social media sites, learning management systems), hardware (keyboards, mouse, stylus, touch screens), hand tools, power tools, automobile controls, other specialized technical equipment (ATMs, POS systems, cash registers, home security panels, smart thermostats, home medical devices (thermometers, blood glucose monitor, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter), keyless car remote/fob), everyday household items (coffee makers, DVD/DVR/Cable box, smart refrigerators, lamps, remote controls, televisions, toilets, sinks/faucets, paper towel dispensers, stoves, microwaves, light switches, door knobs, garage door openers), highly specialized technology (airplane/cockpit controls, power plant control systems, medical technology (MRI, ultrasound, x-ray)) and many more.
2. Start by performing a task analysis. Detail the tasks that users of this technology must perform and the steps they must take to perform the actions. Be sure to include the information users need when performing actions and how they acquire this information. For example, when purchasing groceries at checkout using POS systems, users must insert their chip-card into the slot. How do they know where the slot is? How do they know how to orient the card? How do they know when to insert and when to remove the card?
3. Identify short-comings. Where in the task analysis are errors made?
4. Attempt to characterize the cost of the error. Are errors serious/catastrophic or minor inconveniences? Are they recoverable or not?
5. Identify the most likely cause of the error? Identify specific design flaws. Explain relevant human limitations.
6. Propose solutions. Identify specific changes to the design that would prevent or reduce errors.
7. Suggest benefits of the solutions beyond error prevention as relevant, e.g., user satisfaction, brand reputation.

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Adult Community Education Center Microsoft Edge Analysis Paper

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