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  • Assignment: A Wellness/Stress Management Plan.

Assignment: A Wellness/Stress Management Plan.


Assignment: A Wellness/Stress Management Plan.

Assignment: A Wellness/Stress Management Plan.


AS Description: Create a wellness/stress management plan for an individual facing several barriers to achieving an optimal state of health.

AS Instructions: See attached document.

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Course ID HED 3200

Unit 3 AS: Designing a Stress Management Plan Instructions

Please type a 1.5 – 2 page wellness/stress management plan for someone in one of the following scenarios:

· Recovering alcoholic living in a halfway house searching for a job

· Terminal lung cancer patient with 6 – 12 months to live who found out her daughter is pregnant (she may or may not make it to become a grandma)

· Workaholic corporate boss working 12 – 16-hour days, sedentary, poor diet

· Undocumented immigrant with no health insurance, working a minimum wage job

The goal of the assignment is to research the conditions of the scenario you chose. Find out the health implications of the scenario in all areas of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, spiritual) and create a wellness/stress management plan that would help this person be their healthiest-self during this difficult time in their life. Consider challenges the individual may face, resources available, and how he/she could apply a holistic mindset to their own life despite unfortunate circumstances.

This assignment will be graded on the thoroughness of your research into the scenario and a well-developed plan.

Thing to Consider:

· Identify the “problem/problems”

· Assess health implications of the problem/problems

· Identify resources available to support an individual in that circumstance

· Develop a plan to improve overall wellness (address nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management techniques)


· 1.5 – 2 COMPLETE pages in Times New Roman 12 font

· Use scholarly research and your textbook to support your responses (Two-peer reviewed or government sources required).

· A reference page in APA format

· 10% deduction per day late, up to a maximum 40% for 4 days late, after which AS will score a zero

· ZERO if plagiarized!

· A rubric will be available on Blackboard

100 points

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