calling Assignment communication

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Respond in around 500 words, cite all relevant readings. Remember the Stokoe, Shrikant, Kiesling, Goodwin/Alim and Bailey

Call in someone on their ableist racist or homophobic use of language, for micro aggressions (or an act of racism) towards a person of color, homophobia against LGBTQI+ or ableism against a disabled person.

Do so in a safe way. Provide a brief orthographic (just the words, no symbols) transcript of what was said AND of your callout. You may NOT call someone in for something they say on FB, it must be in response to something in real life.

A guide to calling someone in (Links to an external site.)

Watch this video. Practice what you intend to say to your friend and record yourself practicing it and getting feedback.

You must also record calling them in, in order to get credit. Seek permission to record them before the discussion and check with them after you have called them in that it is okay that your professor hear it. Clarify that audio or names won’t be shared with the class (ensure you includes the permission part in your recording)

Remember to say you know they mean well and are a good person. That you care about them and that is why you care that they are expressing their real values, not accidentally being hurtful.

Give them an alternate way of expressing themselves that doesn’t marginalise or oppress. Research your proposed alternative to make certain its not oppressive itself!! You will fail if you tell someone to say something racist or sexist or homophobic. So google it, research it, get advice. No you may not check with me, it’s your responsibility to research it and learn how to find these things out.

You will provide

1) A transcript of the original micro aggression/racism/homophobia directed towards a member of a minority that your friend did.

2) Your recording of your calling in.

3) An orthographic transcript of what they said in the conversation after you call them in and how you replied to them to help your friend learn (and show your friend you care)

In your analysis discuss

1) What part of what they said assumed something negative about a group of people? Was what they said a micro-aggression or flat out racist/sexist/homophobic?

2) Relating to the readings, how does what they said constitute the structure of inequality?

Do not be sexist, racist, homophobic or any other ism in what you say your example. If you are you will receive 0 for this assignment and you will not be allowed a reset.

The call in must be REAL. Recall week 2 on naturalism. Scripted or faked call ins will be treated as intentional plagiarism (because it is academic dishonesty)

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calling Assignment communication

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