Credibility in Research Paper

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Credibility in Research Paper

Credibility in Research Paper


Credibility in Research

An important of your academic and professional development is being able to review research and discern its credibility. For your Unit 8 Discussion you will first watch the Kaplan Video “Web Searching Primer” the Kaplan Writing Center Podcast 22 “Evaluating Sources,” and read the PDF of the same, and then address the following:

· How do you define what qualifies as credible research?

· Identify at least two scholarly search engines which will aid in finding credible research.

· What are the three “R’s” for evaluating sources and how are they important?





In your Unit 4 discussion, you reviewed a case study video regarding Dr. Williams and his client, Juan. As part of the discussion, you read and applied the APA Code of Ethics section on General Principles to Dr. Williams’ professional behavior.

For this Assignment, you will revisit the video on the case study under Reading and then give a detailed explanation of how you would handle the case of Juan and his family if you were the treating professional. You will explain the theory and method(s) you would use in handling this case, any consultations you may employ, etc.

Please be certain to address the following:

Brief recap of the case study.

Issues which you feel need to be addressed with Juan and his family.

The approach you would take with Juan and his family.

Psychological theory (or theories) that you would use to treat Juan, including your rationale for your choice. You can choose from one of the theories set out in the Key Terms document in your unit, i.e.


CBT – Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Reality Therapy

REBT – Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Client Centered Therapy

Any consultations you would use as part of Juan’s treatment plan.

Any follow-up care plan you would put in place.

Your Assignment should be at least 750 words and contain college level grammar and spelling and make a credible attempt at APA style, including a cover page, a separate reference page at the end of the paper, and be written in Times New Roman 12 pt., double spaced.

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Credibility in Research Paper

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