Engl 103 Oral Presentations in the Workplace

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two part Presentation Outline and PowerPoint Slides assignment.Don’t forget that you will be attaching two documents for this assignment.A couple of key details in the assignment instructions to note include the fact that the company that you work for has already established an Office of Recycling Management and you are a junior manager tasked with launching this initiative.Based on the instructions, here are the key terms/phrases/concepts I am looking for the following:

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle;
  • Company, community, environment;
  • Money, energy, natural resources

Please be sure to review the instruction document and the chapters that cover best practices for outlines and presentations. Chapter 18, Guideline 4 includes the key information for creating impactful, audience centered presentations. Chapter 8, guideline 8 includes an excellent example of an outline in Figure 8.13 for your review.

Be mindful of outline hierarchy leveling, presentation font size, quantity of information on slides, criteria for images on slides, etc. I cannot stress the importance of reviewing the textbook information as the textbook always guides my grading practices.

Also, be sure that your outline and presentation relate to the company initiative, not just to the concept of reducing, recycling, and reusing in general. You can definitely include broad information to inform your audience but your goal is to get the audience’s buy-in for this initiative and explain to them how it will work and what it will accomplish for and in their workplace and community.

  • textbook: Technical Communications: A Reader Centered Approach Paul V Anderson Miami University (Ohio)

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Engl 103 Oral Presentations in the Workplace

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