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Finish essay on Honky need 3 more pages


Please find the attached documents. Write essay about Honky by Dalton Conley. Use lots of quotes with support/explain according to instructions and rubic.

Of upmost importance to student: Please note that we should use the book and use quote from it. Write support, explain, or evidence after/before using quote. Use format APA. Thanks again:)

1- Please read the assignment and use quotes from the book (see attached).

2- write a thesis statement at last sentence of introduction to help reader understand.

3- always support (evidence from book) what you are explaining.
I need 5-6 pages

She wanted us to use quotes from the book ( not needed articles). She wants us to write at support quotes ( always support what I am explaining).

She wants us to review the essay ( if this is absolutely outstanding work and well-structured, analytically sophisticated, nuanced and insightful)

Use this book, no other version. Do not forget use quote with cite like ( author, year )

Also do not forget write thesis statements at the last sentence of introduction.
Write introduction, body, and conclusion.


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