Florida Atlantic University Racial Stereotypes Project Proposal Paper

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Topic- Racial stereotypes. (focus on police violence towards certain races and the stereotypes behind it. )

B. Project Ideas

  1. Provide the team’s specific project ideas while justifying the reasoning with research. More than one idea may be provided, but all of them should be well-developed.
    1. For example:
      1. Is the team starting a non-profit? Why is this the best approach for their particular issue?
      2. Is the team focusing on a social media awareness campaign? Why is this the best approach for this particular issue?
  2. List of existing initiatives the project is inspired by and how the project differs from them.
    1. For example, if you want to follow a 1-to-1 model, like Tom’s Shoes does, why would this be the best approach and how does your project differ from Tom’s Shoes?
  3. Budget estimate – What is the estimated budget for this project and why? The team should provide as much detail as possible at this point in the project.
  4. Tasks and responsibilities
    1. What steps need to be taken to complete the project (areas of research, assignment preparation, etc.)?
  5. How does each task relate to the overall project goals?
  6. What are individual’s areas of knowledge (major, experiences, etc.) and how will these help the team to complete the project?
  7. Timeline to facilitate successful project completion.
    1. A specific timeline should be delineated for this project. This should NOT be just a repetition of the assignment deadlines. The timeline should include meetings, editing rounds, research sessions, brainstorm sessions, etc.
  8. References.
    1. At a minimum, a working bibliography of at least 15 sources should be attached. At least half need to be peer reviewed scholarship.

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Florida Atlantic University Racial Stereotypes Project Proposal Paper

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