For this Assignment, you will continue in your role as consultant to the Better

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For this Assignment, you will continue in your role as consultant to the Better Chair Company. During the past 2 weeks, you completed two reports for the company’s leadership on various accounting tools and measures that impact decision making. This week, the focus of your final report will be the use of break-even analysis.In addition to the requirements that follow, be sure to incorporate references to appropriate academic sources, such as those found in this week’s Learning Resources or those in the Walden Library.To prepare for this Assignment:Download the Week 5 Part 1 Assignment Template.Download the Week 5 Part 2 Assignment Template.Your Instructor will provide part of the data to complete the calculations for this week’s Assignment. To access that information, refer to Doc Sharing:To participate in Doc Sharing:Doc SharingBy Day 7Submit your completed business report and accompanying Excel file. Your report should be 2–3 pages in length (excluding title page and references) and should address the following:Break-Even PointThe final area you have been asked to evaluate is related to the company’s feasibility to produce a new product, an ottoman. The management team wants to understand the quantity and sales needed for this product to be profitable. To determine this, you decide to conduct a break-even analysis to calculate the number of ottomans and the total sales needed for the company to break even. In Doc Sharing, your Instructor will provide you with a scenario for The Better Chair Company to use for this part of the Assignment.To complete this part, address the following:Using the Week 5 Part 2 Assignment Template and the data provided by your Instructor in the Doc Sharing area, calculate the number of sales per month (i.e., the number of ottomans and total dollar amount) the company will need to make in order to break even.Note: In addition to submitting your work in Excel, include your calculations within your report by copying and pasting the information from Excel.Synthesize the results of your calculations to determine the feasibility of the company to make a profit based on the sales & marketing projections and recommend solutions to the management team that would help to ensure profitability for the ottoman project.Summarize how understanding and utilizing break-even analysis can impact managerial decision making.Refer to the Week 5 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.MBA Success Planner.

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For this Assignment, you will continue in your role as consultant to the Better

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