homework assignment 120


You will build a document in which you compare and connect the module topics across health conditions and with healthy individuals.

Re-read Discussion contributions posted by you and your group members. (a word file is attached to this assignment) with discussion’s posts)
Note similarities and differences in what you and others found for the factors studied both weeks in this module. Why are there differences? Why are there similarities? Are they explained by the characteristics of each health condition? What other factors may have played a role? Draw conclusions from what youâ€ve read on the boards, and also include your own thoughts on what may explain your conclusions.
Organize your findings by factors (stress, coping, personality, etc.). Use subtitles to help you stay focused and help your Instructor grade effectively.
Compare and connect is a higher-order critical thinking skill.
Compare and contrast your findings for your assigned health condition (CANCER) with that of others in your team, based on your collective findings in the group Discussions.
Draw conclusions regarding reasons for similarities and differences among the health conditions.
Cite and reference your assigned readings for the class so far, as well as the readings you located to support your statements.
You can prepare this Assignment in essay format (with subtitles for each factor you are comparing) or in table format. Either way, include a cover page (no abstract) and try to stay within 2–3 pages in length of text, plus cover and reference pages. You are welcome to create your own graphs and figures if these facilitate your understanding and ability to organize the material.
Diseases we will be comparing to/from are: Infectious disease (e.g., HIV), Diabetes, No disease (how interpersonal factors relates to an average individualâ€s health), cardiovascular disease and cancer

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