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Homework assignment 6- b2b marketing


A. Write at least 100 words for each response:
1a. The marketing team and sales team must be aligned to be successful. Explain how a successful sales training program can reduce the costs of recruiting and benefit marketing efforts.
2a. Research suggests that the greater the salesperson’s satisfaction, the greater the customer satisfaction. Given the important relationship, what steps can a business-to-business firm take to nurture and sustain job satisfaction in the sales force?
3a. Using the marketing strategy center concept as a guide, describe how a strategy that is entirely appropriate for a target market might fail because of poor implementation in the logistics and technical service areas. Use the company DELL to focus on as the example.
4a. Not all customer demands can be satisfied profitably. What steps should be taken by a marketing manager who learns that particular customer accounts — including some long-standing ones — are unprofitable?
B. Complete the assignment bellow in at least 250 words:
Collaboration and alignment among sales and marketing teams is essential, now more than ever.
Read this article and highlight 5-10 items you learned that are the latest trends and can help amplify marketing and sales efforts. Apply to the company DELL to focus on to exemplify.
ARTICLE to read:

12 B2B Marketing Trends You Need To Know in 2021 (Infographic)

C. Complete the assignment bellow in at least 250 words:
Creating strong marketing measurement systems such as dashboards that highlight key performance indicators is essential. Read the following article on 20 KPI’s that are most important and identify 8 or more that matter most to the company DELL. Explain why.

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