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The goal is to (1) analyze the organizational factors that created an environment for the terrorist attacks to take place and (2) to outline what changes have taken place to improve communication and information sharing. The complete 9/11 report and the executive summary can be retrieved from http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/.

1. You must use at least THREE credible sources (you may include more):

a. Your textbook is one source

b. At least one journal article

c. The 9/11 report can count as one credible source

2. 2-3 pages (practice clear and concise writing)

3. Use subheading to divide your paper into sections

4. APA format (abstract is not required)

5. Address the goals of the assignment (be focused and stay on topic)

6. Organize your paper with an introduction, body, conclusion (include a clearly defined thesis statement, in-text citations, reference page)

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JUS 450 Leadership theory justice admin

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