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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and ans



Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.(Mitchell)The evolving communities seen in the nation today offer an everchanging challenge on the best way to prevent or deal with crime. Stemming from this need are two distinct methods that vary in their presentation and methods, but whose ultimate goal is the limitation of crime in communities across America. Community policing is the first of these strategies, and it is almost self- explanatory. Weisburd and Eck (2004) of the American Academy of Political and Social Justice define it by stating that its goal is to solve problems through a mobilization of local resources within the community to deter and detect crime. This approach, although flexible and practical based on the decentralization method that lines up with many local police agencies, has been tabbed as being so abstract that it is more of a philosophy than physical policy (Kearns, 2020). Many see the most actionable part of Community policy as the street level police to civilian interactions and investigations. Hard, tangible policy directives are harder to craft with certain populations being more involved than others, creating a situation resembling nonresponse bias of sorts. CompStat -or computer statistics- is a much more data driven and less human oriented approach to the issue of local policing. Unlike in the community policing setup, CompStat creates a more structured and perhaps hierarchical approach to the pursuit of crime prevention, as well as limiting the implicit bias than can always be detected in the community oriented process outlined above ( Vito et al, 2017). However, this new age approach has some drawbacks, the first being that the sharing of information across pay grades and local departments is not always a sure thing. Finally, CompStat requires a level of academic intelligence that comes with statistical data that makes its immediate implementation ore difficult than the people-oriented community style, who has more inherent baseline characteristics. It is my opinion that the community style approach has more practical merit. Any college graduate can interpret data and craft policy to enforce it, but people implement policy in this country, especially at the local level. Gaining adherence and trust from members of an area or town to help keep themselves safe ensures a type of commitment and involvement that CompStat cannot provide. After all, communities policing themselves the way they see fit would avoid repeat issues seen in previous years’ issues with law enforcement. Respond to this persons discussion No less than 100 words

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