Module 05 Stock Market Project – Securities Selection

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During this project you will be buying and selling securities in a simulation of the actual stock market.

  • You will begin with $1,000,000 and you are required to invest it all by Wednesday.
    • A minimum of one purchase must be a bond and one purchase must be of a mutual fund.
  • You may buy and sell as many times as you like, but at minimum you must make 5 trades that meet or exceed 20% of your entire $1,000,000 investment (which is $200,000).

For this assignment, your grade will be based on you selecting at least 5 securities that meet the criteria above and making at least the minimum number of trades stipulated above. Your instructor has established a group you are to join when you register for free by clicking the link below.




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Module 05 Stock Market Project – Securities Selection

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