Musical Diary Paper


Musical Diary Paper

Musical Diary Paper


 Evelyn Glennie wants us to truly listen. Following her lead, I want you to focus on listening this week. Between now and October 9 pick one day to keep a music listening diary of everything you hear. This means everything you pick to play, everything you hear in the car, cafeteria, bus, store, work, elevator, etc. I am providing a template that you should use to record your musical experience for one day. For this assignment, one day counts from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Use the attached template to help you get started.

Once you’ve completed your diary, write a 1-2 paragraph/page self-analysis of the musical world that you are a part of and your listening habits.

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Example Template for Musical Diary

TimeSong Title (if known, if not a general description is fine)LocationWhat are you doing while the song plays?Did you select the song? If not, who did?Are you listening to it? Or is it background music?If you selected the song, why did you select it?Additional comments
7:00am“Lullaby of Broadway” from 42nd St.BedroomWaking up.No. SiriusXM channel On Broadway selected it.Both. This is the song that my alarm clock played to wake me up this morning. I didn’t start listening to it, but found myself listening to parts of it and singing along while I got ready this morning. Turned off the radio after this song finished.
7:12am“Man” by Neko CaseBedroomGetting ready for the day after shower.Yes.Listening to it while getting ready.I just got this new album, and this is my favorite track off of it so far.  It is the third track of the album ,but I prefer to start with it than the other two before it.I let the album play while continuing to get ready.
7:15am“I’m from Nowhere” by Neko CaseBedroomGetting ready for the dayYesIt’s on in the background but I’m not really pay attention while I check email and other things.I let the album play, but I pay less attention to this song. I like the sound of the album, though, so I have no desire to turn it off. 

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