Natural Science on Health Religion and Ethics Questions

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I need help answering midterm questions for my natural science class


Q-1) Identify the following hypothesis statement as being acceptable or unacceptable, then explain why you classified it the way you did. Eating an apple everyday will make people healthier.

Q-2) Write an acceptable hypothesis that could be used to study the relationship between peoples’ attendance at church and their income.

Q-3) A pharmaceutical company has developed a new cancer drug that they claim is more effective than the current leading treatment. In the first month of the study, patients receiving the new drug had an average (mean) decrease in tumor size of 8.1 mm with a standard deviation of 5.1 mm, while patients on the old drug had an average (mean) decrease in tumor size of 5.6 mm with a standard deviation of 0.4 mm.

A) Is the new drug more effective? Explain your answer

B) If you were diagnosed with the cancer that this new drug treats, would you want to receive it? Explain your answer

Q-4) The Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is produced using cell cultures that originated from a fetus that was aborted in the mid 1980s.

A) Since the fetus did not provide informed consent, do you think there was a science ethics violation committed in developing this fetal cell line? Explain why or why not.

B) Do you think it is a science ethics violation to continue to use this fetal cell line to develop new treatments? Explain why or why not

please take a look at the attached PowerPoint as we only can use the powerpoint and the course book to answer the questions

use of internet or any other sources will result in a zero and academic violation

feel free to ask for more details or materials

Professor’s instructionsYou will have from 11:10 to 12:-10 to complete your midterm You may use your class note and our textbook, but you are not allowed to consult other students or the internet. Academic Integrity Violations will be filed for any student found not following this policy, and may result in automatic failure of the course.

Course book name: Lee, J. A. The Scientific Endeavor: A Primer on Scientific Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition; 2016.

Requirements: Brief answers

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Natural Science on Health Religion and Ethics Questions

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