NURS 311 Morningside College Integumentary and Sensory Case Study

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NURS 311 Applied Pathophysiology

Integumentary and Sensory Function Case Study

Ms. Brayton, 26 years of age, is undergoing a routine physical examination when she asks, “What do you think this is?” as she points to an erythematous rash on her right thigh. The area is about three inches in diameter. The nurse practitioner performs a scan of the rest of Ms. Brayton’s skin and finds a similar area, smaller in size, on her back. In both cases, the pattern is circular, with the rash on the outside of the circle and the center of the circle unaffected. Ms. Brayton states she noticed the condition on her leg a couple of weeks ago. She shares the area itches, but she tries not to scratch it.

  • Explain what is the most likely cause of Ms. Brayton’s rash?
  • Explain how Ms. Brayton’s rash will be treated?
  • Write a one-page case study of a patient who presents with urticaria. Include the patient’s history, chief complaint, diagnostic approach, treatment plan, and follow-up.

Mr. Aldredge, a 46-year-old building contractor, enters the hospital’s walk-in clinic with arm pain. He tells the nurse lifting has always been a big part of his work. Even as a supervisor, he often helps with lifting heavy objects and sometimes works alongside his crew to help meet a project deadline. During the last day on the job his left arm hurt intensely, and he decided to come to the clinic to be evaluated.

The nurse notices Mr. Aldredge is substantially overweight and sometimes pauses for breath while describing his problem. The pain radiates from his wrist up to his chest. Mr. Aldredge states he has never had such intense pain before. In addition, he denies any heart problems and describes himself as being healthy, and not being to a doctor in years. Mr. Aldredge reports he recently stopped smoking.

The nurse suspects a probable myocardial infarction and arranges to have Mr. Aldredge transported to the emergency room for prompt evaluation and treatment.

  • Explain what type of pain did Mr. Aldredge have?
  • Give a possible explanation of why the body might misinterpret visceral impulses as somatic impulses.

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NURS 311 Morningside College Integumentary and Sensory Case Study

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