Nurse Reflection and COVID 19

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Healthcare and specifically nurses have been majorly affected from COVID 19. Think about and reflect the current situation and how it is affecting nurses in their daily role as well as how this will impact the future of nurses mentally and physically. What changes do you forsee upon graduation in the nursing profession? You must address all the topics below to receive a satisfactory on the paper. Any paper that is unsatisfactory will need to be rewritten till it addresses the six areas below.

  1. Paper is to be a a minimum of two typed pages that are double spaced. Paper is not to exceed five typed pages.
  2. Define the role/job of the nurse in the current COVID situation.
  3. What duties or priorities do nurses perform that had to be altered due to COVID?
  4. Do you think there is still a multidisciplinary approach when caring for a positive COVID patient? Why or why not?
  5. What do you forsee the impact of COVID on nurses mental health?
  6. Personnel reflections on how COVID has affected you and your nursing care.

it has to be in APA format

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Nurse Reflection and COVID 19

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