PTSD Brochure Essay


PTSD Brochure Essay

PTSD Brochure Essay


Using between 350 and 400 words create a tri-fold health brochure on the topic of Posttraumatic Stress.

You will use the Microsoft Word pamphlet template. The pamphlet needs to be visually interesting and use appropriate images. This project must have 350 – 400 of your own words. Quotations are not part of the word count. Grammar and spelling are important.  PTSD Brochure Essay

You must cite all of your sources using APA style. Graphs and tables must be cited though pictures need not be.

You will use a tri-fold style pamphlet and all panels must have text. Your name and topic go on the front panel and works cited go on the back panel or on a separate page.

Create Content! Be sure to meet these four content requirements.

  1. Be sure to clearly (and in your OWN WORDS) define all key terms.   
  2. Explain how your topic relates to health/mental health and adjustment. This can include how knowledge of your topic can help people live better lives. For example, for a health issue, explain what will happen if someone does not address it, including causes, progression, and treatment. 
  3. Include your name, PSY 118 section # (i.e. 0004) and semester (i.e. Spring 2019) on the cover of your brochure. 
  4. Be sure to write for the general public.  Write as if someone has no knowledge of this psychology course, so over – explain as needed (key terms). 

Sources and Citations: 

You will need to find at least four reliable sources to gather information from, and summarize using your own words. You may use direct quotes, but sparingly. Please cite these appropriately using APA style.

You may use your textbook as one of your sources. (Weiten/Hammer/Dunn “Adjust” student edition)

You must use at least one source that is non – internet.

You can quote from someone with experience in the area, but you must be sure to give proper credit, and share their credentials (i.e. they must have some expertise in the area).

Get creative! 

Use a template. 

The easiest way to create a brochure is to use either a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher pamphlet template.


  • attachmentPSY118HealthBrochureInstructions.docx
  • attachmentSampleBrochure-Journaling1.docx
  • attachmentHealthFairBrochureAssignment_trifold-FA171.pdf
  • attachmentHealth-Fair-Brochure-Rubric11.doc
PSY 118 Health Fair Brochure Grading Rubric
Student Name:     _____________________________________________________ Class Section: __________________ 
Topic: _____________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________ 
 ProfessionalAdequateNeeds WorkUnsatisfactory
Format/Organization(20%)20- The pamphlet has exceptionally attractive formatting and very well-organized information.15- The pamphlet has attractive formatting and well-organized information.10- The pamphlet has well-organized information.5 to 0- The pamphlet’s formatting and organizations of material are substandard and may be confusing to the reader.
Content(50%)50- Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the assigned topic and accurately presents research information. Project goes “above and beyond” the minimum requirements for content.40- Demonstrates understanding of the topicand presents research information with an adequate degree of accuracy. Project meets all of content requirements. 30- Demonstrates limited understanding of the topic and/or employs research information with a fair degree of accuracy. Project is missing one or more of the content requirements.20 to 0- Lacks understanding of the assigned topic and/or reports only the most basic information. Project is missing two or more of the content requirements.
Graphics/ Visual appeal(20%)20- The graphics go well with the text and there is a good mix of text and graphics.15- The graphics go well with the text, but there are so many that they distract from the text.10- The graphics go well with the text, there are too few and the brochure seems “text-heavy”.5 to 0-The graphics do not go with the accompanying text or appear to be randomly chosen.
Research/Resources(10%)10- More than three reliable sources were located and cited correctly.8- Three reliable sources were located and cited correctly.5- Two sources were located and cited correctly or the resources used were of questionable reliability.3 to 0- Only one resource was cited, resources were cited incorrectly or were of very questionable reliability.
Proofreading(subtracted) -0 Spelling and mechanics are professional (no errors).-5 Spelling and mechanics are adequate (no more than 2 minor spelling or mechanical errors remain).-8 Spelling and mechanics are poor (3 or more minor spelling or mechanical errors or 1 or more major errors remain).-10 to -20 Spelling and mechanical errors detract from the content (4 or more minor spelling or mechanical errors or 2 or more major errors remain).

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