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Relevance to US politics/public policy


Students are required to write one research paper on a topic related to course. All topics must be submitted for approval of the instructor. The topic needs to fulfil the following criteria:1. Relevance to US politics/public policy2. Be the product of independent research covering primary and/or secondary sources3. Contain appropriate referencing- please refer to issue position paper guide4. 5-10 pages of text in length, excluding the Works Cited pagePapers are due by 11pm on 29th March A 10% penalty will apply for everyday the paper is late. No papers will be accepted after 11pm on April 5Paper proposals are due by 11pm on February 10.A paper proposal is simply a title/suggested topic for your paper.Further details/expectations regarding the paper are set out belowPlagiarism• The definition of plagiarism from the DMC Handbook is as follows:• Plagiarism occurs when a student takes another’s words or ideas and uses them as if they were the student’s own. This can happen in three (3) ways:– A student copies another’s words without using quotation marks and without giving the source.– A student puts another’s ideas into the student’s words but does not give the source.– A student duplicates another’s structure of thought or organization of ideas but does not give the source.

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