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San Francisco State University TeleDentistry Question


I’m studying for my Dentistry class and need an explanation.


I wrote a paper about teledentistry and the reviewers sent me some comments to adjust.

below are the list of adjustments that need to be done, please proceed to adjusting them in order and in bullet points

1.Please clarify what works in Teledentistry (and Telemedicine) and what doesn’t. There is an implication that Teledentistry can do diagnosis and treatment without any clear limits. Either examples of effective use of Teledentistry or areas where Teledentistry can not be used would help this article be a useful tool for practitioners. Or even how Teledentistry can help separate out treatment that can be done remotely vs. that which can only be done in a clinical environment would make big difference. In addition, it would have been helpful to know which tools can be used to enhance diagnosis, like the camera in an iPhone, or participation by a spouse or other care giver to describe the situation.

2. The gold standard of face to face examination has not been proven essential for a clinically accurate dental examination. It defeats the goal of teledentistry to require a face to face examm in all cases. write something about that

3. Mention treatment and treatment monitoring beyond diagnosis and treatment planning in teledentistry

4. During COVID, many state governments changed requirements under emergency measures and required private insurers to pay the same as public insurers for teledental services. Talk about that

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