Savannah State University Introduction to Sociology Essay

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  1. Identify and photograph three unique items that reflect your culture. Avoid items such as vehicles, computers, tablets, cell phones, or televisions.
  2. Photograph all three items separately. Photos must be taken by you. Please do not use images from the Internet. Using photos that are not yours is plagiarism. 
  3. Embed each of your three images into your discussion post by clicking the camera icon in the discussion box toolbar then following the prompts. Be sure to resize the picture so it is no more than 500 pixels wide. 
  4. Summarize the cultural relevance of each item below it in approximately 100 words. 
  5. Apply terminology from the course to explain the relevance of each item to the lesson on culture. Apply as many terms as you can.
  6. Ask a minimum of 2 group mates substantive follow up questions in reply.
  7. Thoughtfully answer questions in your own thread.
  8. Engage further by responding to answers, replying to responses to your answers, and engaging in other threads with additional information, terms, theoretical perspectives, etc.

Answers, Responses, and Further engagements require authentic discussion interactions.  Lackadaisical answers/responses/engagements will not earn points.

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Savannah State University Introduction to Sociology Essay

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