Themed” Research paper of a word minimum of 2000 words, which will be worth 80 points and is due 5/9…

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Themed” Research paper of a word minimum of 2000 words, which will be worth 80 points and is due 5/9 before 11:59 pm.  A list of historical themes has been provided below and you may choose any theme as the basis for your paper.  You will pick one event,  topic, or a person, etc. of historical importance from each of the 3 grading periods and write a themed research paper based on your 3 selections, comparing and contrasting each of the 3 subjects of your choice under the theme you have chosen. You are required to use a minimum of 6 scholarly sources for your research – NO WIKIPEDIA PERMITTED in citations. Your minimum 6 scholarly sources may include the course text book, extra source materials, my powerpoints and/or lectures (I only count once), but it is not required. You MUST  use 2 primary documents as part of your 6  sources. You may of course use more than 6 sources. You must quote each of your sources at least once in your paper, using it to support your analytical writing and citing your sources appropriately according to a writing style guide, either parenthetically or footnoted. A properly formatted Works Cited or Bibliography must also be included. Remember, this is a research paper based on a theme I have provided so you must address that theme throughout the paper. This paper is worth 80 points and is due SATURDAY 5/9/2015 before 11:59 pm. Remember, I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK so you have to turn it in on time to earn credit. I have also attached a sample Themed Research paper as an example of a well done paper.


1. Geographic Determinism on the course of historical events

2. The Big “C”s ~ Conquest, Commerce, Colonization, & Conversion on the Course of History

3. Causes and Effects in History ~ “what came first, the chicken or the egg?”

4. “Shoulda, Woulda, Couldas” ~ alternate histories with alternate endings

5. Role of Economics in History ~ “money makes the world go around” or does it?

6. GREED & POWER ~ Who has it? How do they get it? What do they do with it? Why do we care?

7. Gender and History ~ “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world” ~ oh, really?

8. Race and History (Ethnicity and History) ~ “them versus us” scenarios

9. Religion and History ~ “My God is better than your god

10. Role of Family in History ~ as a social, a defensive, an economic, and/or a spiritual construct

11. The Effects of Education on History ~ “I know something you don’t know . . .”

12. Individualism vs. Communalism ~ “the need of the one” or the “need of the many”?

13. WAR ~ “What was it good for?”

14. Pivot Points in History ~ “when in the course of human events . . .” ~ the course abruptly changes

15. The Power of Personality ~ Celebrities who change history

16. “One man’s VIRTUE is another man’s EVIL” ~ Extreme human acts and responses in history

17. 20/20 Historical Hindsight ~ problems seeing the past through modern eyes ~ “Had they known then, what we know now . . .”

18. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .” ~ paradoxes in history ~ “heads and tails,” i.e. flip sides (ex: good and bad) of the same event, person, or place.

19. “For want of a nail . . .” ~ how technology has affected history

20. History and the Environment ~ exploiting Mother Nature and its consequences

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Themed” Research paper of a word minimum of 2000 words, which will be worth 80 points and is due 5/9…

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