(W3) Disruptive Technologies


(W3) Disruptive Technologies

Understand what disruptive technology is and how it impacts our society.
Improve research skills by using references and citations to support opinions.
Express ideas, methods, and conclusions useful in coursework and lifelong learning.
Locate, organize, and evaluate/analyze disparate information resources to formulate a creative/analytical/conclusion useful in coursework and lifelong learning.

Start thinking about disruptive technologies. Technologies that stir up the market and homes with new innovation and ability!
Name one disruptive technology. The use of the word “technology” may be interpreted to mean any number of things, not necessarily just computer-based technology. Think outside of the box if necessary.
Describe why you think your “technology” was/is disruptive. Talk about the technology or process that was displaced by your disruptive technology. What were/are the social, economic, ethical/moral implications of this disruption? Back up your argument with facts, and always list sources. MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOUR ANSWER CONFORMS TO THE TEXT’S DEFINITION OF A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY.
You must include citations and references (web or paper, etc.), cite it (APA ).

No less than 300 words.
At least one citation and reference (web or paper, etc.) with APA format.

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