Write a discussion. The next cars

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The Next Cars

It has been said recently that gasoline-powered cars are the vehicles of the past and that gas-electric hybrid cars are the cars of today.

  1. What will power the cars of tomorrow (in about 10 years, ~2030)? Choose and describe one energy source. 1 point
  2. Explain the reasons for your choice and identify the advantages and disadvantages of “tomorrow’s” cars power supply (not just in the vehicle but at the fuel’s / power supply’s source). 4 points
  3. Identify at least one source of information that supports your assertions. Provide a proper citation in either MLA or APA style. 1 point

Example: If your research suggests that “hamster wheels” would be a good power supply/fuel for tomorrow’s cars, what are the advantages and disadvantages of “hamster wheels”? Where would the “hamster wheel” come from? Are there any challenges to relying on “hamster wheels” as a widespread vehicle power source/fuel? Do the advantages of “hamster wheels” outweigh any disadvantages? What problems might arise from increased use of “hamster wheels”?

Be sure to back up your explanations with some research before discussing this topic online with your classmates. Be sure to read relevant sections of your text and other supplementary readings.

After posting, be sure to respond to at least two classmates’ posts. A response needs to be something substantial and contribute something significant to the conversation, not just saying “Good job.” or ” I like how you explained …”. Say something original and significant. Contribute some information, describe an example, share an experience, ask a thoughtful question, etc. If you are asked a thoughtful question, part of your significant response can be providing an intelligible response to that question. Each response should be at least a paragraph in length, that is, at minimum, 4-5 full sentences. Each response post is worth 2 points.

This discussion board is worth 10 points and goes toward your “participation” grade.

Do your own work, do not copy or even paraphrase somebody else’s work. I’ll be on the lookout for such things as I grade and have various tools available to check for plagiarism. All college rules of Academic Dishonesty are fully in effect.

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Write a discussion. The next cars

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